One Year Without An Employer

I've found that self-reflection and the act of sharing those thoughts not only gives me better perspective on my own growth but might also give perspective to others. 

When you communicate something to the universe, the universe in return matches those vibrations. 

I guess that's the whole point about blogging and sharing personal insight. It's acting on behalf of yourself and your own insight. 

A reason why I read is to gain perspective. The same reason I ask questions. I believe perspective is good. It's about taking perspectives and making your own opinions. 

Today marks a one year anniversary of a very significant and impactful moment in my life. Some may have seen it as just another trip or a self rewarding vacation for myself of some sort but that wasn't the case at all. 


Quitting my job, finishing post grad schooling and traveling to Europe for a month on my own was my farewell to fear and insecurity. Don't get me wrong we're humans we will always be fearful and insecure. I have long list of both. 

However, a year ago today I addressed my farewell specifically to leaving a system that I - and so many other unfulfilled Individuals - fell into mainly due at the expense of lack in personal development. 

My theory is that a lot of it comes from societal influenced fears and insecurities which result as a roadblock to where we need to go. I always imagined it as some tall massive Goliath standing in my way. 

I was heavily advised by so many close to me not to quit before finding another job. 

However those individuals, who really meant well, just didn't realize that my single most important priority a year ago from today was to set myself up for success by solely putting all my energy into personal development.

I tried a lot of things prior. I worked my full time job and after nearly two years realized I was heading towards a complacent future doing something meaningless to me. So I signed up for a variety of classes, applied to hundreds - possibly thousands - of new job ads and had many unsuccessful interviews. 

I maintained my job to put myself through an education I found interesting at the time but once I finished that program I realized it wasn't for me. 

It really took all these obstacles to finally click with me that my biggest problem isn't finding the next best opportunity to land or finding an education to jump into next but to honestly just stop everything I was doing and spend a "small amount" of time so to speak to invest in my character and really just figure out what the hell I want to do for the next "large amount" of time. 


I went to Europe hungry and unsure and came back from my trip satisfied and certain. I learned more about myself in that month than I have in my whole life. 

I never really did that and maybe that was something I should've figured out after college but I was still immature then. I was too consumed with other perceptions of how life should be. 

I guess that's part of the process though. I'm thankful for the process. 

I spent those first 6 months back from my solo trip unemployed but using each day to grow my own business from Scratch. Starting with what I love. 

I changed myself, watched my spending, started taking notice to my time management, skipped out on a lot of events, and poured a lot of my energy into things that were positive to my development.

It's ironic that this week has been the most successful week I've had since working for myself, making me right on track to accomplishing my goal by this April (irony or just a message from the one I pray to every night). 


The first goal I've always lingered on and dreamed about since leaving my corporate job and starting my own company this past April was very simple...

If I can make more money in one year than my previous job’s yearly salary than I would literally be a believer of the number 1 cliche of all time - “if you can dream it you can achieve it”. 

And no not because of the money. It has nothing to do with the money. It has all to do with doing what is best for you and not doing what everyone thinks is right. It's about doing what needs to be done, what feels right in your heart, even if it's deemed unconventional.

Because when it's all said and done, nothing is more empowering than punching Goliath right in the nose and saying fu*k you.