Why are Customer Pain-Points Important in Advertising?

The biggest marketing pitfall is always talking about yourself. The goal with your ads is to make consumers feel like they’re actually being spoken to and the most effective way to do this is by identifying and addressing their deep-rooted pain points and positioning your product or service as the solution.

People buy products or services because they have a problem that needs to be solved. Sometimes they’re not even aware of the problem but until you show them and they notice it, they simply won’t care about your offer. So what you want to do is make your viewers recall the feeling of pain and frustration that comes with the struggle they face and then motivate them to seek a solution.

For example, has your cell phone ever slipped in between the cracks of your car seat? Recall that frustration and the feeling of when it drops under the seat. Trying to force your hand through the crevice and pull the phone out from under the wires. It’s a pretty big problem at that moment, especially if you’re trying to grab it while you’re driving. Here’s a great example of an ad by “Drop Stop” that utilizes pain points for marketing a product that prevents anything from falling down the car seat gap.

Your content and creative should immediately relate with the consumer’s problem right out the gate because that’s what will hit, showing the solution in the fastest, simplest and easiest way to make your viewers think “wow I need that.”

If you’re struggling to think about your customer pain points, something you can do is:

  1. Ask your customers and just listen
  2. Read your customer reviews. Google reviews, Facebook comments, Yelp Reviews, Amazon Reviews. If you don’t have reviews, find a similar product or company and read those reviews. Find the reviews and see what you learn. Their likes, dislikes, and what motivates them to buy. Take note of repeated key phrases and concepts that people focus on.
  3. Then craft a story that involves the customer’s paint points and desires, create your sales message and your content around these pain points and your product’s response as the solution.
  4. If your product is new, get the product in as many hands as possible and record their reactions and capture some first hand testimonials.

Need help defining your customer pain points? Let’s map those out in a personalized marketing blueprint. Get started today!

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