How to Get a Home Run Ad Campaign?

By far, one of the hardest things to do in sports is hit a baseball! We’re talking about a 90+ mile per hour rock coming from 60 feet away. It takes some work and a strong understanding of the game. Yet, in marketing we talk a lot about “home run” ad campaigns, as if they just happen… when most times, before there is any meaningful performance, there’s usually a months-long testing phase.

In the testing phase, you get to gauge how people respond to your offer and make sure it’s the right people you are getting in front of… which means there are some key metrics you’ll need to pay careful attention to when you launch.

First, you want to monitor your click-through rate. This is the percentage of people who have seen your ad that clicked on it. If that number is healthy, your creative is doing its job of getting people to click on to your site or landing page.

Then there’s your website or landing page conversion rate. If people are clicking on your landing page and not taking action, then you may need to adjust your messaging or layout.
Or people may be converting, but you then want to assess whether the people converting are those in your target market, people who will actually benefit from your product or service. If they are not, then you need to tweak your targeting.

Assuming you have a product or service that is actually of value, and you know how to develop strategic, high-quality creative, making these tweaks to your “swing” should get you to the homerun you’re looking for!

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