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We produce social video ads for driving funnel sales and brand growth.

Our Case Studies

We create high-production social ads to 5X brand revenue growth

Are you ready to build a hero brand?

Standing out as a brand is anything but easy. You know what you sell. But you may begin to feel as if it’s impossible to share your story, generate leads, convert customers, and ultimately create the buzz that builds a brand people remember. It’s not. You just need the right partner who knows how to turn you and your product into a hero.


Creative Strategy

We conduct a diagnostics to determine a custom strategy to bring your brand back from the dead.

Content Production

We produce stunning purpose driven media specific to each phase of your customer’s journey.


We execute your campaign through advanced audience targeting, benchmarks, and idea generation (for commercials, white paper, ads, budgeting, and more).


It all starts with a diagnosis. We conduct an immersive deep dive to better understand your business and your customer.


You then receive a custom tailored strategy with brilliant ideas which our crew takes to production.


Lastly, we go to market. Our first-class team of media buyers runs your campaign and hones in on your targeted audience pool of potential buyers.

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Our creative team

We believe in shock value because predictable creative is boring. We seek to achieve unexpectedness with each and every campaign because that leads to sales. We are creatives, innovators and disruptors. Big media minds with a very specific formula to stand out in a sea of brands crying for attention.


Anthony A.


Hanna Y.


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Ray K.

We cherish and respect our clients & partners.
Every project is a labor of love!


We’re a team of content producers with marketing minds and advertising technical skills


Video Strategy

It all starts with an idea… and countless hours of research.


Video Production

This is the fun part where we go full blown Hollywood.


Video Distribution

It’s all business from here. Target. Test. Convert.


What our clients say

Gloria P.

We hired Feel Right to create a new Marketing Plan. We now have increased traffic to our website and social media platforms. We have new professional branding and new material that educates our existing and new clients. Their workflow and communication is extremely effective!

Gloria P.

Annie P.
Feel Right Inc. delivered videos that captured our food hall concept. After collaborating with them to discuss our goals, they scripted a few
film concepts. The team had great ideas about how to bring each concept to life. The team lead, Anthony (President, Feel Right Inc.) was on top of communicating and scheduling. They did a great job, and we are really happy with their work.

Annie P.

Vaca Group
Joe N.
They helped with live-action video production. They also ended up helping with Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn strategy, and content creation.Feel Right Inc.’s work has met the mark. The team’s work is instrumental in driving new business. Customers can expect a pleasantly friendly team that works around their clients’ schedules to drive success.

Joe N.

Accident Lawyers Firm