If you’re like any business that wants to create meaningful content that leads to sales and loyal customer-base, then you want to create content that speaks directly to your audience. A crucial element of that requires an understanding of the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey typically consists of Five Steps: Awareness, Consideration, Analysis, Purchase, and Loyalty. 
Having an understanding of that journey as a map that all of your customers follow allows you to ensure that you’re not only getting in front of the right people but that you are effectively meeting those people at whatever stage they find themselves in your funnel.

That really happens when you break down your messaging, asking what you want the customer to FEEL and what you want them to DO at each stage of the journey. Then you can really dial in your content and make sure it’s relevant as you aim to guide your customer down your funnel. 

You can also more clearly define the success of your campaign because success will look different at each stage. For example, in early stages success may simply be increased website visits, whereas later on you may want to see more definite actions such as a white paper download or consultation sign ups.

Ready to begin speaking to your prospective customers at each phase of the buyer journey? Let’s get started.

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