So you develop a marketing strategy and you start running social media ads. But nothing happens… or so you think!

Conversions are the most straightforward measurement, yes. But are conversions the only result to measure campaign success and return? Not entirely.

Campaigns create several indirect effects, the most important being your Website Visits. Google analytics can pinpoint the number of people visiting your website. We’ve seen anywhere between 300% – 700% increases in website traffic during the life of an active client campaign. 

What this means is that although people may not be converting on your ads landing page, they are seeing your ads and Googling your business to learn more. That could translate into a returning customer seeing your brand and shooting you a message, perhaps a referral, or a new lead picking up the phone and calling the number on your website (and that could be days, weeks, or even months after they first saw your ad). 

While these results are hard to track, the true treasure is in the data. Website visits and new page followers are early signs that people are flowing into your funnel and a good indicator they will generate a return down the road.

Ready to build your marketing funnel? Let’s get started.

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