Content ISN’T King

If you’re in marketing or you own a business, you’ve heard the phrase hundreds if not thousands of times: Content is King. Basically, it means you need high-quality content and more of it. Now if that were true, in 2021 all you would need is an iPhone and maybe a Canva account.

So, what if we told you…Content Isn’t King. In an oversaturated digital world, the answer to breaking through the noise is not more content. There’s already plenty out there. And at this point, people are immune to quality. If anything, quality is the bare minimum.

We’d say…Strategy IS King. And any good strategy starts with the customer. Ask, who are we talking to?! Brands should literally build archetypes of their ideal customers and tailor every piece of content as if they were speaking to those individuals. From those customer archetypes, brands can ask themselves where their customers are spending their time and decide where they will distribute their content to speak to those individuals (i.e., Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).

Ready to create strategy-driven content? Let’s get started.

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