How Will iOS 15 Change Advertising & Marketing?

If you’re an Apple user, by this point you’ve likely been asked several times if you want a company “tracking your data”… and you’ve likely said NO. 96% of users opted out of having their data tracked by apps and websites as iOS 14.5 has been rolled out… and now with iOS15, Apple is leveling up.

With iOS 15, it appears that Apple will not only be giving users the option to opt out of having their data pulled by specific apps and websites, but they will also be able to opt out having any sort of personalized ads served to them on apps and Safari… Instead, they will only see ads for Apple products and services. Cause it’s about privacy, right?

All this to say, third-party data is becoming less and less available to business owners and marketers. In other words, platforms like Facebook and Google are not going to be able to group users based on their interests as easily anymore because it will become unclear what users are doing across sites.

The solution, you ask? Brands are going to have to collect this data for themselves. That makes two factors as important as ever if you want to win at marketing: good, strategic, creative content and an ads manager who can design a funnel geared toward gathering information about YOUR ideal customer.

Utilizing strategically prepared creative, you can find ways to break through the noise and grab the attention of your ideal customers. Video will be key, as this makes it easiest to speak to your customer (AND Apple can’t touch Facebook video views data… very important).

An Ads Manager will be key for maximizing this creative, as you want to find ways to get customer data with their permission (now that pixels may be irrelevant)…  They should prepare a landing page where email sign ups are encouraged and maximize those emails by finding creative ways to encourage customers to share information about themselves…

If all of this means anything, it’s that simply having a lot of “quality content” won’t cut it anymore. You need to be strategic. Here we have our Content Strategy Guide, a step-by-step guide to developing a content strategy that will focus your content marketing efforts and help you break through the noise to reach your customers. You’ll learn how to write a “Content Strategy Statement,” identify Customer Segments and Personas, map out your Customer Journey, develop a Distribution Strategy, and more!


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