Don’t Sell. Invite.

In 1997, Apple rolled out its famous Think Different campaign… anchored by an ad honoring some of history’s biggest names for being “crazy enough to think they can change the world” then prompting the viewers to be like them and “Think Different”

history’s biggest names

You’d think that a company with only 90 days left to live, as Apple was said to have at that time, would be a little less “artistic” and talk about how great their products are. 

But instead they invited people to be different, to be great, and there was the Mac ready to serve as the tool that would get them there. And that’s because what Apple understood, what they understand to this day is that people don’t want to be sold, they want to be invited…

people want to be invited

So, as you look to market your product or service, the question is NOT why are we great or how are we making a difference? That’s not going to interest people in the same way as talking about their deeply rooted desires…

People want to be great and make a difference and become the best version of themselves…your job is to invite and empower them to do that, positioning your product or service as the tool they need to get there.


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