How Do You Effectively Brainstorm a Video Ad That Will Sell?

It DOES NOT start with the creative. While most think that a highly effective Video Ad starts with a “breakthrough idea,” the reality is that most times the messaging and structure of an ad will do the selling. So, any fun visual or creative elements should come after there is an understanding of the message that is being communicated. Here are a few steps to follow if you are going to write a highly creative ad that sells:

1.Clarify the Goal.

A good way to go about writing the goal of a video is to first identify who the audience is, then clarify what you want that audience to do as a result of watching the video. 

We use those two components to form what we call an Ugly Sentence. 

It usually goes something like: “By watching this video,  [ideal customer] will [action you want them to take].” I.e., By watching this video, gym-goers will subscribe to our weekly newsletter for 10% off of their first purchase.

2. Identify the Customer’s Problem.

What pain point can you speak to that will cause your audience to stop what they’re doing and watch your video? What in the messaging is really going to make them feel it? Then you can decide how you will position your product or service as a solution to that problem. It also helps to tackle any potential doubts they will have so you can tackle those as well.


Now that you have identified the underlying messaging that needs to exist in your video, you can apply creativity to make this video something that will grab the attention of your ideal audience. Come up with as many ideas as possible and don’t hold back…following a strategic sales formula, even some of the craziest ideas can be turned to gold!

Coming up with a video but not sure what to do with it? Perhaps starting with a Content Strategy will help. Here we have our Content Strategy Guide, a step-by-step guide to developing a content strategy that will focus your content marketing efforts and help you break through the noise to reach your customers. You’ll learn how to write a “Content Strategy Statement,” identify Customer Segments and Personas, map out your Customer Journey, develop a Distribution Strategy, and more!


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