What is The Best Type of Ad to Improve Sales?

What Is The Best Type of Ad to Improve Sales? 

Chamber Media recently did a study that analyzed all the ads being run from the top 2,000 Shopify stores. These are the 7 ads: 

1. Product demo videos being the most popular at 50%

2. Social proof ads – 20%

3. Dynamic Ads – 19.7%

4. Lifestyle Ads – 4.7%

5. Spokesperson Anchor Ads – 2.4%

6. Unboxing Videos – 1.59%

7. Case Study – 0.73%

Out of these 7, which style of creative would you guess generates the most sales and conversions? 
Their findings proved that Spokesperson Anchor Ads were actually the top performing type of ad.

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A Spokesperson Anchor Ad is a 1- 4 minute video that combines all 6 styles of creative advertising into one “super ad” guided by a spokesperson. 
There’s generally a script, props, actors, sets, and a great narrative and it tends to be more expensive in production value but that’s because they are harder to make and more expensive to make, which is justified by their results–not only bringing in sales, but contributing directly to business growth.

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The proof is in the data that this style of advertising is successful and it is successful because the ad is designed to filter out non-customers and encourage those who actually watched the entire video to become interested, click and learn more. 

And you do that because views are cheaper than clicks, making them a more efficient option for PPC.

Ready to develop a spokesperson ad concept for your business? Let’s get started.


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