What do millennials look for in brands?


Millennials now make up the largest segment of the workforce, they’re the most common users of social media, and the most likely to buy online.

Old marketing efforts on ad saturation no longer work for brands, so how should you focus your marketing efforts? It all starts with community building.

Storytelling is absolutely essential for brands now and being able to convey what your values are as a company and how your product or service is making an impact. To illustrate, a recent report found that three-quarters of millenials are willing to spend more on a product if they know that the company is giving back to charity. They’re also more interested in hearing about CEOs and where they stand on certain issues that they care about.


To summarize – as you’re building out your content strategy, make sure to include these elements in there IF they are part of your company culture so that you can start to build community and showcase what your brand is all about.

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