Let’s talk about vetting marketing agencies. As a business owner or a marketing decision maker, you’re well aware that it can be a challenge to find the right agency to represent your brand.


Here are some questions to keep in mind before you sign any contract:

Can you envision working in harmony with the agency staff? Are there clear open lines of communication?

You want to find this out early because great agencies should have great account managers. In fact, every agency employee should play an account manager role to some degree.

When you hire a marketing agency, you are committing to a relationship. Your company and agency will work together for a common cause which is to grow your business. This requires a lot of communication, and as a business owner you should be meeting with your marketing team as often as you are meeting with your internal staff.


To summarize – get to know your agency principals and everybody involved. Trust your gut, follow your intuition, and do what Feels Right.

Ready to partner with a marketing agency committed to growing your business? Let’s get started.


Feel Right Inc.
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We are a Southern California Creative Agency that serves as your “in-house” marketing team. Specialized in content creation, paid advertising, branding, and video production all working in tandem to communicate your product, service, or brand message in a revolutionary way. You receive a customized blueprint tailored to your business needs and audience with a strategy focused on delivering results – rather than a general “cookie cutter” plan – allowing you to efficiently allocate resources instead of wasting time and money in areas that don’t perform. We are creatives, innovators and disruptors. Big media minds with a very specific formula to make your brand stand out. This is marketing that feels right!

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