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initial insight - Overview

Harvest Enterprises approached Feel Right Inc. to revolutionize the landscaping industry and re-brand Harvest as a contemporary modern brand while still retaining the earthly grit. 


Objective 1: Develop a sleek and modern website with technology integration. Tesla branding style infused with harvest personality. 

Objective 2: Improve the Harvest sales process through technology powered proposals customized per each industry (residential, commercial, industrial, ect…)

Objective 3: Design a strong brand identity matched with creative marketing material

Phase 1- Branding kit

Design a complete  branding guideline and corporate identity with stationary deck, presentation design and mood board 


Design a modern sleek website infused with harvest grit 

Phase 2 - content production

Produce, film and capture visual assets for website including video, photo and drone. 

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Phase 4 - exhibition in a box

Mastermind a selection of custom creative promotional products and material needed at any trade-show.

*production costs vary based on product type and order

next steps

How do we move forward?

Option 1

Diagnosis Plan
$ 299
  • 7 Page Custom Marketing Plan
  • 2 Strategy + Presentation Calls
  • Credited back upon project initiation
  • Save Money and Time

Option 2

Indicative Costing
$ 22,597
  • Branding Kit
  • Website Design
  • Backend Tech Integration
  • Proposal Integration/Design
  • 1 Anchor Video
  • 100+ Photography + Drone
  • 7 Short Form Videos
  • Exhibition in a Box

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