How to use Video for your own Businesses & Brand

“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.”


    I’m sure you already know how important video has become without hearing it from Gary Vaynerchuck but I believe we can all agree that ads are all over the place. We can’t get away from them.

We see sponsorships on Instagram, Ads and many forms of Content Marketing through Facebook, and Mini Commercials on Snapchat. But why are we seeing such a trend with video?


Video is simply a form of communication. A powerful form of communication. I don’t care who you are. You have some purpose in this world and you stand for something - therefore you have a message and a voice. 

More specifically, in the business world, every brand has something they want to communicate to the world. Let’s say you’ve got your real estate business or a consumer product brand and you want to educate people who might find your service or product of interest. 

Get in front of a camera or get your product in front of a camera and shed knowledge. If you’re in sales - lets use Real Estate for example - share your personality. 

If I’m going to make one of the single most important purchases in my life I would like to know more about the person I am dealing with. 

I want to trust them. That’s why we use people in our family or our friendship circle to work with most of the time because we trust them, we know them and understand who we’re going into business with. Same goes for products - we go with what we know. But how do we get to what we know?


Education, Transparency and Clarity are key factors to sparking interest. The more you educate the more a consumer or potential client understands. 

A lot of clients come to me creating informative videos on their services and products through talking head videos. It’s one piece of content that answers the questions of hundreds or thousands via video. Ultimately used to pump through online pipelines & platforms that reach vast audiences. 

What’s the first thing someone does if they’re interested in your service or product? Homework & Research.

Maybe I speak for myself but say I’m going to invest in a product, service, event, vacation, etc. Since it’s summer time - let’s say I’m planning a vacation to Cancun and I’m trying to find a hotel that fits my criteria. 

I’m going to look up XYZ hotel in XYZ location and find content that showcases the features of this place. 

I’m going to look at pictures first and foremost then I’m going to dive deeper and find videos on their Website, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to visually understand what type of place it is. 


If your Website, Social Networks, Facebook or Instagram is stacked with quality content - I’m hooked. I’m going to look for photos, videos, and even graphics that capture a brand or business. 

In this case, hotels - I’m going to look at the facility, features, ambience, food, amenities, nightlife, crowd, and events. All of which are best communicated through video.

I recently worked with a company in the Restaurant & Entertainment Industry. They have a 4 story facility which includes a restaurant, bar, event center, banquet room and wedding hall. 

We did several videos for them including a Virtual Menu video that captures their food and drinks through a short 15 second Instagram Spot.

In order to best communicate their 4 story facility we also created a Virtual Tour video that educates their customers and potential customers on the features of each floor. We filmed the each floor with context that explains the features of the individual floors. 

They use these videos for their online platforms. They also play their Virtual Tour video on loop throughout their restaurant TV's so when customers come in they’ll learn about other offerings the location provides such as private parties and weddings. It's a video that communicates, educates, and then pumps into pipelines and mediums that gain reach.

The important thing is that content, specifically video, can be used in so ways we wouldn't even think about. Not only online but internally, at trade shows, through presentations and the list goes on.


- Anthony Awadalla