7 Christmas Gifts For Travelers

Traveling was an adventure. It's an adventure that strays you away from set plans and at times unfortunate circumstances. You'll plan to your best ability, tell yourself you'll be fine and take precautions. But somehow we always manage to run into mistakes. Well, I'm here to share some insight on my trip and what products I recommend for anyone who plans to travel in affordable yet quality fashion, specifically for people planning to backpack through Europe.

These items might not relate to someone who plans to hike Mount Everest but I figured I can help most of you out with items not only for backpacking trips but also weekend getaways. In addition, I figured with Christmas coming up this might give you a few ideas for potential gifts for your loved ones who constantly seek out adventure!



1. PowerBurst Portable Charger


During one of my outings in Rome I found myself leaving a nightclub at 4 in the morning with a dead cell phone, no cash for taxi's, and no choice left but the dreading 2 hour walk back to my hotel in the cold. 

If I hadn't forgotten this product in my hotel room that night I would've been able to revive my phone and call an Uber back to my comfy bed. 

You don't really think about worst case scenarios but luckily if you think ahead or have a family who wants to make sure you're safe at all times they will buy you a portable charger prior to your trip.

I used the PowerBurst Portable charger on my one month adventure in Europe and believe it was by far one of the most important items I brought. Just from a couple hours of charging it was able to provide several full battery charging sessions for products such as my iPhone, GoPro, and MacBook. I charged the PowerBurst Turbo Charger about 4 times on my whole trip (overnight charging). So you can imagine how efficient this product is. 

I carried it almost every time I stepped out of my hostel (in case of emergency) by simply fitting it in my pocket.

I love this charger. Some of you may have one but if you don't this thing is amazing. Especially with Festival season coming up. I will for sure bring this with me for Coachella.


2. Travel Bag

I spent a lot of time searching for the right bag. My biggest concerns were affordability, quality, a hint of style, and the ability to carry on my luggage with no fees which is what led me to a reasonably priced and worthy eTech 2.0 Travel Bag (seen in the image to the left).  

This is a perfect bag for people who like to pack lightly. I tend to over pack. Like really bad but I didn't have to pay for any flight fees! I had my backpack on my back and dragged around a roll away for my trip and it didn't bother me one bit. Just depends on what you can handle!

Realistically, you can pack 5 days of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, toiletry bag and a computer with no trouble. In case you didn't know, if you plan to country hop by air you'll have to pay an additional fee for bags that are too big.

Every bag has a size which is important to take into consideration for people who plan to fly. Usually anything 46 and under is approved for carry on which means you don't have to pay any fees when boarding your flights.

I did a lot of research online and visited REI to check out bags in person. I found REI travel luggage to be out of my budget - ranging at an average price of 200 dollars a bag. If that sounds like something more in your realm then I would recommend the Osprey Farpoint 46.

3. Toiletry Bag

This is a pretty straightforward item. It doesn't take much researching to buy a toiletry bag but given that I'm a perfectionist in my own little way I spent time looking for a simple bag but this really stood out due to the functionality. 

The E Bloomy Toiletry Bag comes with a hook placed inside which came into good use whenever I walked into small bathrooms with little area to put your belongings and even better use when using showers with no caddy's. 

I know, you're probably thinking it's just a hook who cares but that small functionality changed everything! When you bounce around hostels you never know what type of bathroom or shower you'll walk into.

The hook can simply latch onto anything which creates easy access to your toiletry products. It's all about the hook! Just sayin'...


4. Travel Wallet

A lot of people really urged me to purchase a wallet belt or neck stash due to tourist traps and pickpocketing. Before leaving it was something I was really concerned about.

After hearing story after story about people stealing your belongings in all sorts of different crazy ways I pretty much expected the very worst. 

But I can easily say I had no troubles whatsoever with theft or pickpocketing. Actually, I was extremely trusting. Every time I put my trust in humanity, they did not fail me.

All you need is a small wallet to hold your cash, passport, and cards.  

I would recommend the Lewis N. Clark RFID Travel Wallet shown in the image to the left to carry around with you during the day.

You really don't need a money belt or a neck stash honestly. 

If it's an absolute must have then I would suggest to purchase a Neck Stash Wallet to keep in your hotel during the day or to use whenever you're traveling from country to country. 

5. Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs

6. GoPro Hero

Have you ever slept in a room with 4 - 10 people? The likelihood of rooming with a snorer is 189%. Also, everyone starts their day at their own pace.

So if you come home late one night (which will happen) and expect yourself to get some good sleep, I highly recommend BedTime Bliss.

It's a must have for me. I'm a light sleeper and pretty much wake up to any sound or noise. This combo was also really nice for flights as well. 



It's an all in one both video and photography easy to use, small, and resourceful camera device. You can take quality HD videos and photographs. 

Some of you may have a GoPro already but if you don't and consider yourself a traveler, sports enthusiast, adventure seeker or outdoorsy type it's a life changer once you own one. 

For those of you who don't have a GoPro here's a list of different models. My favorite is the GoPro Hero 4 Black which is displayed in the image to the left.  The resolution is unreal. 

For those of you who do own a GoPro, make sure to purchase the 3 Way Arm Grip Selfie Tripod - it's a stabilizer to take videos and photographs but has the ability to transform into a selfie stick and contains a tripod functionality for still shots. 

I traveled alone so I found it useful, especially with the tripod and selfie functionality to take pictures and videos.



7. Travel Converter Plugs

I understand this isn't a thrilling Christmas present but it's damn well important! Save this for the stockings. 

In case you're unaware electricity varies across continents which requires an adapter to convert electricity. 

The 5 piece International AC Plug Adapter Set will have you covered for pretty much the whole world. 

I'm sure you can find all in one multi-purpose adapters but this set is straight to the point and affordable.